Baby Wishes

For most of my adult life, I have muttered the phrase, “I will NOT have children. EVER.” When I saw kids at restaurants, screaming and being crazy, I knew. When I was at HEB buying groceries, and a kid ran into me, I knew. My goals were to travel the world and have experiences for the rest of my life. Until everything changed.

It was the first week of July. We were back in Oklahoma, visiting family. My period was late, and I wasn’t freaking out for once. We were in my father-in-laws backyard, grilling out for the 4th of July. It was just the two of us. The conversation went something like this:

C: What would your reaction be if I told you I have been changing my mind about having a baby?

N: I would tell you that I have been feeling the same way.


I was floored. My husband did not like little kids. He was always very firm on not having a baby. I was completely shocked when he told me this. I knew he wasn’t just saying it that night, when we were lying in bed together, spooning. He put his hands on my belly, and he actually cried out of excitement that I could be pregnant.


The next afternoon, my period came.


When we were back in Texas, we took a day trip to Waco. I wanted to go look around Magnolia Market, and go shopping at some cute shops. We stopped at our favorite coffee spot, Uncommon Grounds. While we were sitting there, we had another discussion about having a baby. I really wanted to have a baby, but I was thinking about holding off on trying until the spring. I wanted us to be able to save some money and take a few more trips before we settled down. Neill agreed with me. I was content with this choice.

A few days later, we were at Zoe’s Kitchen having lunch. The conversation came up again. I still was wanting to have a baby. I decided we could try this month, because it would line up nicely with summer vacation. If it didn’t happen, then we could stick with our original plan.


Guess what ended up happening?

Amelia Claire, arriving April 10th, 2017. 



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