Zero Based Budget: March 2017

Hello there! Today I will be sharing with you the REAL numbers of our zero based budget. I believe that it is very helpful to see where our money is going in order to help you understand our lifestyle. This may not work for you, but it is how we do things!

We are currently saving money up for my departure from the workforce. I will be taking maternity leave from my job starting in April, and then I will not be returning to work until after I complete my master’s degree and change careers.

There are a few things that currently are not in our budget that we usually include: giving and extra debt payments. We have a lot of debt, and we had been working on paying off all of our debt except our house before I became pregnant. When we found out, we stopped all extra payments and started exclusively saving, so that I can be a SAHM for as long as possible. Once we have 2 incomes again, we will be continuing with our debt snowball.



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